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Offering of Letters

What is an Offering of Letters? Why should Christians engage in advocacy?

Two of the most significant ways people support Bread's work is through their individual letter writing and participation in Offering of Letters.

Members of a church congregation write letters to Congress in support of hunger-fighting legislation during their service and place them in the offering plate, dedicating the letters to God and saying special prayers for hungry and poor people.

In Sunday school classrooms, both adults and children watch a short video about a community struggling with hunger and poverty. Afterwards, everyone?even the kids?write to their senators and representative asking them to support legislation that would help families in need in the United States.

On a college campus, student leaders encourage their peers to write letters to Congress after a hunger awareness event or as they arrive at the dining hall for lunch.

These examples are just a few of the forms that Offerings of Letters can take. But all offerings serve the same purpose. They use the opportunity to communicate with members of Congress to take steps toward ending hunger. Again and again, our Offerings of Letters win significant victories.

Look around our Web site and learn how you can fight hunger by holding an Offering of Letters in your church or community.

From a retirement community to a senator's office to the White House?Bread for the World members' letters have an important impact.

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