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End the Genocide in Darfur Now

  • End the Genocide in Darfur Now

    ?We call upon the U.S. Congress to enact the Darfur Accountability Act so that the African Union peacekeeping force might be expanded and given a stronger mandate to protect innocent civilians.?

    Bishop John Ricard, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

    On the National Day of Action Sept. 21, 2005

    The genocide in the Sudan is a humanitarian and moral crisis. Since 2003, over 400,000 human beings have died due to government sanctioned killing, raping and starving of the people in Darfur, an oil rich region in Sudan where many non-Arabic Sudanese live. The killings have been racially, religiously and financially motivated. Over 2.5 million human beings have been removed from their homes in Darfur by force. Many have fled to Chad and other countries in order to survive. Yet, despite a ceasefire agreement, the violence continues. The international community of nations, including the United States government, has not mustered the needed steps to bring the tragedy and suffering to an end. 

    In 2005, EMO helped to pass a bill in the Oregon Legislature that requires the state to divest funds from any companies conducting business with the Sudanese government. United States sanctions have not been regularly enforced. Several congressional bills are stalled.  There is more that can be done. Your voice and prayers are needed to help end this human tragedy.

    Below is a list of resources for congregations. Please use them and consider sending an offering of letters to Oregon?s US Congressional delegation and to local newspapers to raise awareness.


    Darfur Resources

    Save Darfur Coalition

    Prayers of peace from different faith traditions

    Faith Action Packet (PDF file)

    Bulletin Insert On Darfur (PDF file)