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Oregon Hunger Relief Task Force - 2007 State Legislative Agenda

Family Economic Stability, Community Food Security and Emergency Food Programs

? Increase funding for Low-Income Housing
Build up the balance of the Housing Trust Fund through one-time and ongoing revenue sources.
? Redefine and fund General Assistance:
Fund the housing and/or other costs for disabled people and seniors applying for SSI/SSDI, which will be reimbursed to the State retroactively, once the SSI/SSDI grant is approved.
? Maintain and Strengthen Temporary Assistance for Needy Families(TANF): Increase grant level to cover basic needs, restore funding for Job Support and Retention Services, fund additional child care, and expand Parents-as-Scholars to help stabilize family members.
? Expand Healthcare Coverage to Every Child in Oregon:
Ensure children are healthy and ready to learn.
? Strengthen Rules for Consumer Loans: Increase protections from unjust lending practices in payday, car title, refund anticipation, and other consumer loans.

? Incorporate the Statewide Food Policy Council into state statute:
Help farmers, consumers, and institutions access local foods.
? Expand WIC and Senior Farmers? Market Coupon Programs Increase coupon value and serve more women, infants, children and seniors.

? Increase Funds for Oregon Food Bank Statewide Network
Help bolster the safety net by increasing state funds to $2 million.
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