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Medical Teams International - Real Life Exhibit

';Medical Teams International
has put together a truly remarkable exhibit on the scope
of human suffering, the call to action, and what an effective response
means to the lives of all involved. The exhibit is powerful and is a
remarkable community resource which should be seen by all? (church
groups, student groups, etc). It is a gift to our community from an
outstanding organization';. - Mike Hiland, Oregon Bread for the World?

This FREE exhibit includes 9 new rooms & 5 new

In walk-through
multi-sensory vignettes, you?will step into:

  • A medical triage clinic at the New Orleans Convention Center after
    Hurricane Katrina
  • A room with a 25-foot tsunami wave
  • A Ugandan camp for people displaced by a rebel group that abducts
    children and forces them into their ?army?
  • An Albanian refugee camp housing Kosovar refugees who fled from
    ethnic cleansing
  • A Mozambican village where HIV/AIDS has taken too many lives
  • A Mexico garbage dump where garbage-pickers live and work
  • A Romanian placement center for orphans and abandoned children
  • A burn unit in a Moldovan children?s hospital

';I Can Make a Difference';

The?exhibit also empowers each person to learn, ?I Can Make
a Difference.?
Like a pebble makes ripples in a pond, each of
us can make a difference that will touch people around the world.

Location: Medical Teams International

14150 SW Milton Ct.; Tigard, OR? 97224

& directions

Hours of operation: Open
House and by appointment

more information
& to schedule a tour,
Laurel Emory
or call her at 503.624.1000.