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Jubilee Oregon

Jubilee Oregon

What is Jubilee USA?

Founded in 1997, Jubilee USA Network is a network of 75 organizations ? including religious
denominations and faith-based networks, labor and environmental groups, regionally focused
organizations, development agencies, and community groups. Jubilee USA Network?s mission is
to create the political will for cancellation of crushing poor country debts through public
education, mobilization, strategic communication, and research and policy advocacy. We envision
a world in which external debt no longer impoverishes nations and peoples by diverting resources
from health, education, and the natural. The Network is the US arm of a global Jubilee campaign
that has successfully altered public policy, winning commitments of debt relief from the US government
and other G-8 nations in 1999 and again in 2005. Current campaigns include holding world leaders
accountable for 2005 commitments; building the political will for cancellation of debt to meet
Millennium Development Goals; and cancellation of Odious and Illegitimate Debts.

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