Bread for the World: Oregon
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Mini Hunger Course

Consequences of Hunger

  • For chronic hunger, life is not immediately threatened, but ability to function in society is impaired.

    • Inability or reduced work effort disrupts family life & economic prospects.
    • Disease threat increased. Anemia, VitA blindness.
    • Child development impaired (special problem)

      • Death: 1 in 10 before 1st birthday, 35K per day.
      • Dev Impared: Stunted growth, brain development.
      • Inability to Learn: Unable to concentrate in school. Affects chronic and cyclicly malnourished.

    A hungry child represents a lost opportunity. There no making up for it later, the child and society is robbed of their potential.

    Hunger is a basic need which when unsatisfied, blocks out all other pursuits. A life spent chronically or cyclically malnurished is a life of limit opportunity, sickness, and often premature death. Hunger represents a basic denial of the opportunity for people to develope to their potentials. It is a fundamental injustice. Even in a free country, a person who is hungry is not free.