Bread for the World: Oregon
Oregon BFW is part of a nationwide Christian citizens movement seeking justice for the world's hungry people by lobbying our nation's decision makers.           Contact Me          Visit National Website

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Bread for the World

  • The fundamental belief behind Bread for the World is that hunger can only be effectively addressed with both a public and private response Either response alone is insufficient.
    Bread for the World focuses on the public policy aspects because there are already numerous Christian organizations involved in private relief.

    Private relief efforts cannot possible begin to meet the need alone. 

    • Food Stamps is equal to 10 times the entire combined national private food distribution networks. 
    • One vote in Congress can match or take away the resources equal to our entire combined private efforts. 

    We have the resources to end hunger in our country (existing federal food programs) and dramatically reduce it abroad (sustainable dev aid, conflict resolution, democratic transition). What is lacking is the political will. BFW is all about working to create this political will. 

    Letters are our currency...

    Our legislators will only take action on hunger when they know that their constituents care about this issue.

    1) Offering of Letters.  Each year a specific hunger issue is focused on. Coordinated effort - people and churches from all over the country write on this same issue, every Rep and Senator get letters on the offering issue. Its the most effective way of getting something done in Congress and each year it brings results.

    2) Legislative alert network.  Sometimes a fast response is needed at critical times. For this we have an alert network of volunteers ready to contact their representatives when a quick response is needed.