Bread for the World: Oregon
Oregon BFW is part of a nationwide Christian citizens movement seeking justice for the world's hungry people by lobbying our nation's decision makers.           Contact Me          Visit National Website

Mini Hunger Course

Christian Response to Hunger

  • What about the separation of church and state
    Some say separation of church & state precludes lobbying of our government. This seperation was created to prevent the establishment of a state religion, it does not mean that we should divorce Christian faith and values from public life. Christianity must prevade our whole life.

    We must be motivated by Gods call for us to help all his children

    • Jesus identifies himself with the poor (Matt 25) and calls upon us to help.
    • The prophet's called not only for the people to repent, but for government to stop oppressing the poor.

    But we must do it carefully :

    • Bible is not specific: doesn't metion wic or balanced budget amendments.
    • We must remember our own fallability
    • But also that inaction is turning our backs on Gods call.
    • The key is to avoid focus on partisanship/ideology.
    • Instead be focused on results and gaining opportunity for all of Gods Children.

    Our faith in Gods call empowers us to overcome the pitfalls quilt, despair, and hopelessness.
    Some feel quilty about our relative prosperity, but our faith in Gods call turns our blessing not into quilt but into action on behave of those not as fortunate.

    Our faith in Gods call is our strength!

    • We won't despair & giveup up by setbacks.
    • Our faith defeats hopelessness. We know that our actions are in Gods hands, and when combined with others, we can make a tremendous difference.

    BFW allows us to combine our 2 greatest gifts: Christian faith and action with the gift of citiznshp in a free land. When we do this, we can more fully answer Gods call.?

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