Bread for the World: Oregon
Oregon BFW is part of a nationwide Christian citizens movement seeking justice for the world's hungry people by lobbying our nation's decision makers.           Contact Me          Visit National Website

Mini Hunger Course

Promotion of Democracy

Basic Rights: The foundation of democracy is a recognition of basic rights. No authority can deny these basic rights (not even a majority): speech, religion, press, equality before the law, ...

Majority Rule: Government derives its authority by the people and can be changed by majority vote. Government power is divided, with checks and balances and oversite by the people. Legislative branch is divided with representation based on population and region.

Public Investment: Democratic government is more likely to do a better job supplying public investments (infrastructure, education, health, ...), due to better oversite by the people.

Responsive: Democratic governments tend to be more stable and less repressive. Extreme poverty is less likely due to the freedom to expose it and the greater opportunity to seek redress.