Bread for the World: Oregon
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Mini Hunger Course

What is Hunger

  • Hunger is more than the visual starvation seen on TV. That is only the tip of iceberg.

    3 broad Levels of Hunger:

    1. Immediate Life Threatening:
      Effects of hunger are plain and physically visible. Represents small minority of the world hungry. The usual cause is war or famine.
    2. Chronic Malnourishment:
      Body suffers deficiency in calories or other major nutrients most of the time. Results in major health problems, reduced energy levels and work output, and limited life span (Effects: 700m people, 1 in 8 people on earth). High mortality in children.
    3. Cyclic Malnourishment:
      Body suffers deficiency in calories some of the time, usually seasonally or monthly (US hunger). Results in health problems, reduced energy and work output. May effect life span over time. More serious problem with children, very likely to fall behind in school. Major impact on their future.